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Tag: Google HTTPS

What You Need to Know About HTTP/2, HTTPS, and HTTP/1.1

Google has recently announced that Googlebot will start crawling over http/2 websites starting November 2020. This announcement reignited the interest over HTTP/2 as the most updated type of protocol. Questions on whether webmasters should switch to HTTP/2, the benefits of switching to HTTP/2, and will retaining HTTP/1.1 as the current site protocol be okay for […]

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Google Chrome Will Start Blocking HTTP Resources in HTTPS Pages

Google has always been pushing for a safer and more secure search experience for the users. The best example of this is when they pushed the migration to https for websites that cared about their rankings. I fully support a safer and more secure environment in search since it builds trust and improves our brand’s reputation […]

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Google Is Forcing You to Switch to HTTPS by October or Lose Rankings

HTTPS is certainly something that Google was gently pushing last year. They were incentivizing early adopters of HTTPS. Not only does HTTPS get the “Secure” marking from Chrome, it also actually helps you secure your website better. 

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