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Google Now Lets Retailers Control Their Product Info on Search

Google Lets Retailers Control Their Product Info on Search_Cover Photo

Last January, Google made it possible for users to see clothes, shoes, and other products all at once along with the specific brands and retailers. This made it possible for retailers to display the products and brands they carried directly in the user’s search results. All webmasters and SEOs had to do to have their products visible in the search results is by using schema markups or by directly submitting the products in Google Merchant Center

However, Google also stated that they may include products/content related to retail that were crawled, even though it wasn’t marked up using schema or submitted to Google Merchant Center. This meant that we didn’t have that great of a control over which products and corresponding information are displayed in the search results – until now.


How to Get in Google News

Google News is the go-to platform for millions of users worldwide for local and international news. It is the largest news aggregator in the world. It collects fresh news articles from around the web and serves it to users depending on relevancy, location, interests, and more. 

Appearing in Google News provides a lot of benefits for website owners such as more website traffic and additional monetization options. It also opens up your website to a broader audience since it is available on various devices across different countries. And unlike Google Search, websites are served to a user through a feed rather than a search results page.


Review Rich Snippets Now Available in Google Search Console Reports

Review Rich Snippets Now Available in Google Search Console Reports

Knowing what users and customers think of your business is an immense part of growing and increasing your business’ reputation. This is why such a large number of websites use the review or “AggregateRating” schema markup on their websites. Having a rating displayed or a short review is what most webmasters want since it makes their search engine listing look better than the rest which results in a click and a potential customer. However, tracking all the pages that have these review markups can be a hassle, especially if you have an eCommerce website that has thousands of products, all of them having a review schema that could lead to a review rich snippets. But Google has now released something that can help all us webmasters and SEOs.


How to Optimize for Google News

If you own a news website and you’re looking to grow your traffic and reach more users, Google News is the place to be. Google News is a news aggregator by Google that was launched in 2002 and by 2013, the platform has more than 50,000 verified news sources and receives 6 billion visits per month.

What Google News does is collate news articles from its list of verified websites and serves it to users based on their interests and location. It is available in more than 60 regions and 35 languages. Through Google News, users are able to access fresh local and worldwide news. Users can also customize the content that they can see by setting up their interests.

Since the platform is accessible worldwide and has a prominent number of users, Google News can boost the traffic of a news website by a significant amount. However, publishers would have to follow Google’s set of criteria for them to get their content visible in Google News. It’s difficult but it’s not impossible.

The good news is, now you don’t have to submit an application to Google anymore and wait for your verification. All you have to do is to adhere to Google New’s content policies. Here’s what you need to know.


Google Adds Video Reports in Search Console

Videos are rapidly changing the way people search. The thing is, it’s not just about YouTube anymore. Google recently added a new report in Search Console for Video content that allows webmasters to see how their own videos perform on search results and errors in their structured data markup.


Myth Busted: Site Traffic a Ranking Factor?

Cover Photo - Is Site Traffic a Ranking Factor

Site traffic being a ranking factor is what most SEO beginners and some intermediate SEOs believe to be true. I can’t blame them since I even believed it when I was just starting in SEO. But what’s the truth? Does site traffic not affect our site’s rankings as Google says? Or is there something deeper at play? Let’s find out.

Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Cover Photo - Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Recent core updates, both small and large, have made SEOs clamor for a solution or a fix to the negative effects of the update to their websites. Different theories and hypotheses have been rampant in the SEO industry on how to properly “fix” a website that has been hit by the core updates. This led to Google repeatedly stating that there are no fixes to websites that have been hit by the core updates. But recently, they gave advice on how your site can recover from the core update. Let’s find out. 


Understanding Links Through Google’s Eyes

Cover Photo - Understanding Links Through Google’s Eyes

Link building has always been an integral part of almost all SEO’s foundational strategy. However, as the years went by, understanding which links are “good” or “high quality” for Google has been skewed by the different ways we’ve come up with to build them. In a recent Google Webmasters hangouts, John Mueller talks about what exactly is a “good” link and how webmasters can get them. Let’s find out!