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Guide to Google Manual Actions and How to Fix Them

Since the first search engine was born in the ’90s, people who would try to exploit search algorithms and find the easy path to the top of the search results were also born. This has become problematic for search engines trying to provide users with the best results but spam websites would come out on top.

As a result, Google made improvements on its algorithm so that it can better evaluate websites for shady tactics and easily detect spam. And to avoid these websites from ruining the users’ experience, Google started slapping spam websites with manual actions.


Google penalty and what to do if ever you get penalized by Google

penalized banned googleYou wake up in the morning, check out your Google analytics and you notice your traffic dropped drastically. Next, you check Google and enter your keywords to check your rankings and you notice you just aren’t in the first page anymore. Your blood pressure increases, your pulse throbs and you can feel your heart beat faster. ‘Did Google just penalize me??

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And if you’re wondering – yes this stuff really happens. Stuff like this happen in SEO all the time!

So what do you need to do when this happens to you?