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How Google plans to Control Black Hat Spam of Google Plus One Button

Google plus one spam

The Google Plus One button has been the late craze of both the SEO world and the social network marketers. It works wonders! It shares content and it increases your rankings in the search engines according to the quantity (and perhaps, quality) of the +1 of a webpage. Now that we have that established as a fact, a lot of black hatters would naturally come into play. How would Google control the spamming of the Google +1 button?

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Google Plus One Social Button

Google Plus One

Okay, I know that I’ve blogged about Google planning to build a social network to rival Facebook before – but I’ve never expected it to be like this. It’s not really a social network. It’s more of a social button just as how Facebook’s ‘Like’ button works. It’s called Google Plus One (+1)

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