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Website Traffic Data Analysis with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Website Traffic Data Analysis with Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Website traffic is considered one of the main (if not the main) indicators of web success. But there is more to just attracting traffic- website owners and SEO professionals can benefit from doing website traffic data analysis and understanding website statistics and trends. Whether you’re still growing your site or already focusing on acquiring your target market- traffic data analysis can aid in your SEO and marketing strategies. What’s even better is that this can easily be done with free tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console.


Search Console Insights Now Live for Webmasters and Content Creators

Search Console Insights

Google is finally releasing a new reporting/insights tool to help content creators and webmasters better understand how their audience interacts with the content they publish and give insights as to which kinds of content works best for them. The new Search Console Insights combines data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to provide webmasters and/or content creators the most valuable insights needed to improve their content’s performance. 


Google Updates The Search Console Index Coverage Report

Google Updates Their Search Console Index Coverage Report

Google recently updated the Index Coverage report in search console. They’re releasing 4 major changes in the Index Coverage report that will help webmasters have a more thorough and deeper understanding of how Google crawls or indexes their website. These updates have been due to the feedback that webmasters gave Google to further refine and improve the report. That said, let’s find out what the changes are and they can help SEO.


Google Search Console’s New and Improved Crawl Stats Report: Everything you Need to Know

crawl stats report guide

The Crawl Stats Report is the latest feature to be updated in Google Search Console and it is outstanding. Google made this announcement last November 24 in the Google Search Central blog and SEOs are quite excited about it.

If you’re like me who was able to use the old Google Search Console, you would know that the old Crawl Stats report is not that helpful. This new update gives us more relevant and deeper data on how Google crawls our websites and gives us more room for optimizations.


How to Remove a URL of your Website on Google Search

how to remove urls from google search

In SEO, one of the ways to signify the growth of the website is to identify the amount of content that is added over time. However, there will be cases where you would want to remove some of your content from Google’s index.

URL removals from Google Search is a normal process and there are more ways than one to do it. It is not a complicated process but it is important to follow the process correctly to avoid negatively affecting your SEO.


Google Releases Search Console Insights for Publishers and Content Creators

Google is Releasing Search Console Insights for Publishers and Content Creators_Cover Photo

Google has started its close beta phase for a new feature in Google SearchConsole – Insights. GSC Insights is Google’s way of helping content creators and publishers have a more in-depth understanding of their content’s performance in search and how it is discovered by audiences. So, what exactly does this new feature entail for publishers and content creators?


Guide to Google Manual Actions and How to Fix Them

Since the first search engine was born in the ’90s, people who would try to exploit search algorithms and find the easy path to the top of the search results were also born. This has become problematic for search engines trying to provide users with the best results but spam websites would come out on top.

As a result, Google made improvements on its algorithm so that it can better evaluate websites for shady tactics and easily detect spam. And to avoid these websites from ruining the users’ experience, Google started slapping spam websites with manual actions.


Google Officially Rolls out New Search Console Speed Report

Cover Photo - Google Officially rolls out New Search Console Speed Report

Yesterday, Google officially rolled out the Speed report in Search Console. It has been a few months since Google announced its (experimental) Search Console Page Speed Report in Google I/O. Very few had access to it when it was first announced since we had to sign up on a form to be eligible to try it out. But ever since its release yesterday,  more webmasters now have access of it in their respective Search Console Reports. Here’s what you need to know about this important report:


How to Fix Index Coverage Errors in Google Search Console

How do I fix Google indexing issues?

Quick Answer: There are many reasons why you might be experiencing indexing errors. Understanding what’s causing the issue can be done though Google Search Console’s Coverage report, and the correct fix depends on the errors you’re seeing. Following our guide below and the proper guidelines is a must. Then, you have to resubmit the fixed pages to re-indexing through Google Search Console. This will prompt Google to recrawl these pages—which (if fixed properly) will likely allow the pages to appear in the SERPs.