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How to Track PDF Downloads using Google Tag Manager

how to track pdf downloads using google tag manager

PDF downloads are one of the most common conversion methods for websites. Some samples would be businesses allowing users to download their company brochures or product catalogs and education websites that have educational materials for download.

You may be able to track the total number of downloads a PDF file gets by using a plugin but it doesn’t really tell you anything. Any piece of data is important if you want more people to download your PDF files from your website. Luckily, Google Tag Manager makes it easier for webmasters to track PDF downloads across their websites and collect data using Google Analytics.


How to Track Outbound Link Clicks with Google Tag Manager

How do I track outbound link clicks on Google Tag Manager?

Quick Answer: Log into your Google Tag Manager account, and go to the variables section. Click “New” under the User-Defined variables section, and select the Auto-Event variable. Go to Triggers, and create a new tag. Then, select “Click – Just Links,” under Trigger Type. Go to “Tags,” and click “New.” Under the Tag Configuration section, select “Google Analytics: Universal Analytics.” For the Triggering field, select the Trigger that you created earlier. Lastly, save the tag, and review it in Preview Mode. You should also check if it’s firing properly in your Google Analytics property. Check out our post below for a more in-depth guide.