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How to Use HTML Header Tags (with Google’s Advice)


It’s been a longstanding debate in the community whether HTML header tags or h1, h2, h3, etc, still retain their importance as ranking factors up to this day and age. Some SEOs say that HTML header tags are not important – it’s fine if they do not contain the keyword your body of content wants to rank for. Meanwhile, other SEOs say the opposite that the header tags – h1, at the very least – should contain the keyword you want to rank for. 

In a recent Webmasters hangout, a webmaster posed this exact question to John Mueller. Did his answer shed light on the best practices for HTML header tags? Let’s find out. 


How BERT Affects SEO and How You Can Optimize For It

Cover Photo - How BERT Affects SEO and How You Can Optimize For It

Google’s roll-out of BERT caused a massive buzz in the whole SEO industry since they deemed it as “the most important update in five years”. This particular update, called BERT, officially impacts 10% of search queries. That’s already a massive number since there are millions of searches made every single day. So, what exactly is the BERT update, how will it affect the SEO landscape, and how can we, as webmasters and SEOs, better optimize our websites for this algorithm update?


Google Index Guide: How to Get Google to Index Your Pages Faster

Cover Photo -Google Index Guide- How to Get Google to Index Your Pages Faster

Since you now know how to SEO new websites, the proceeding problem you’re going to face is to wait until Google indexes your new website and consequently displays it in their search results. Google has these processes that enable them to find, crawl, index, and display relevant pages to the users for specific queries. That involves a lot of effort, hardware, and ingenuity since it’s not an understatement when I say that there are billions of websites in the 2019 world wide web. So the challenge for us SEOs and webmasters is to fasten Google’s process of finding our site, crawling and indexing it, and displaying it to the right users.