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Tag: Google Tools

Content Generation with Google Question Hub: Brief Overview of the Beta Tool

  In the world of search, Google is at the forefront of delivering results in the form of fresh content for people seeking answers. With thousands and even millions of search results, you may think that each question in the world can be supplied with the answer to satisfy it. Enter, Google Question Hub. A […]

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A Look into the Google PageSpeed Insights Tool Update

Page loading speed has become a very important ranking metric. Each second becomes more crucial, as data shows that every additional second means a lesser chance of someone taking a look at what your website has to offer.

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Farewell Google Adwords: Popular Service to be Rebranded into Google Ads

After 18 years in service, Google will be retiring the popular Google Adwords, and launch a rebranded service called Google Ads within the year. Along with Adwords, DoubleClick will also be rebranded into Google Marketing Platform for advertiser products and Google Analytics 360 Suite, and Google Ad Manager for publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange.

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Assessing Site Safety and Page Loading Speed Using Tools From Google

As we have mentioned before, Google is one of the providers of some of best software that can help your website when it comes to SEO. From analysis tools such as Page Analytics, to tools that help you with content management like Google Trends. These tools have helped us bring in more efficient results that […]

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