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Tag: guide

SEO Hacker’s Guest Blogging Guide for 2019

Guest blogging is one of the fundamentals of effective content marketing and link building strategy. If you have a website that is looking to get more traffic, starting out by guest blogging is usually one of the best ways to go. This helps expand your online presence, promote useful content, and establish quality and authoritative […]

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How we Analyzed and Improved our Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency (TF*IDF) in 10 Minutes

Last week, we discussed the importance of TF*IDF to SEO and we learned a few things, which is good. The thing about SEO is that a lot of it is trial and error so we’re going to be taking learning about TF*IDF which means Term Frequency – Inverse Document Frequency a step further by doing a […]

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Five Business Lessons From Fiverr

If you still haven’t heard of it, Fiverr (on is actually a virtual marketplace of services and goods where anyone can make or take jobs for the price of just $5. The idea (the business more of) became an instant hit the moment it launched. Hoards of people wanting to get things done for […]

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Keys to Using Effective Testimonials

How testimonials can improve your clients and sales. How to optimize testimonials to convert to more buyers and purchases.

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Why Internet Marketing is about more than just the Product

Setting aside all the intricate discussion, the point of marketing is just simple- it seeks to get your name out there. With internet marketing to be specific, it’s just being able to target your readers/buyers and turn them into something more than just page views.

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