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Step Up Your Game – Offline Blogging

Offline bloggingMost of the time, the story is always about improving your blog – leaving your blogging legacy as you go. How to make it more popular, how to give it more traffic/followers/subscribers, how to monetize it better etcetera. For now, forget about that. For once, I think you deserve the limelight, blogger.


The Three Rules of Persuasion

Remember the time when you saw the movie poster of Inception (assuming you don’t know about it) and said to yourself, “nah, I don’t really need to watch this movie”. But then, come a few days later, all your friends are raving about it. You say you haven’t watched it yet and then, as you see the stunned look on their faces while they stick out their hand to form an ‘L’ sign, you realize, you’re actually missing out.

So the next day (or weekend), you set yourself to watch that movie (and it was awesome!) and try to find some other non-moviegoer guy whom you can pass the ‘L’ sign on too.


The Best Ways to Accelerate Your Expertise

It’s obvious that this is my favorite topic – how to help newbies get on the right track. The trickiest part, as I’ve noticed, always concern about upgrading and/or improving expertise. Sure, everyone starts from basic. But if your learning rate is pretty steep, you won’t get anywhere great for a long time.

So shape up newbies, I’m gonna fire up pointers on how you can earn your stars the fastest (and surest of course) way possible!CONTINUE READING