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Core Web Vitals Guide Part 3: First Input Delay (FID)

Have you ever experienced trying to click on a button or a link on a website but it doesn’t seem to respond right away? That small delay leaves a bad impression on users that may ultimately be the reason why they don’t visit more pages on your website or worse, not return at all.

In this third part of our Core Web Vitals guide, I will walk you through the second Core Web Vitals metric, First Input Delay (FID).


Javascript- Bot Experience and User Experience

Incorrect Application of Javascript in Your Site Is Ruining Your SEO

Knowing and understanding Javascript, and its underlying potential to affect your SEO campaign is an essential skill that a modern SEO expert should have. Javascript – among other components – lets search engines crawl and analyze a website. Hence, if a webmaster fails to properly incorporate Javascript into their website, it will lead to a failure of indexing and ranking.