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2020 Keyword Optimization Guide – Proper Keyword Placement


Keyword optimization started simple during the early days of SEO. Making sure to insert the target keyword in the prominent parts of the content body as naturally as possible in a limited number of times. But simplicity led to a good number of SEOs abusing it with spammy and black-hat tactics that led to multiple algorithm changes that aimed to counter those. But with the advancements with Google’s algorithm and their machine learning, outdated strategies like the ones I’ve mentioned have become obsolete while being replaced by newer, more user-centric strategies that don’t rely on spammy tactics. 

In this day and age of SEO, do keywords still hold the same importance? How have the strategies for them changed? And how can you properly optimize your website to rank for them? All of them will be answered here. 


How to Integrate Low-Hanging Keywords from the Global Market

Low Hanging Keywords

Content Marketing and SEO are becoming tighter and tighter buddies. Special thanks to Google. And hey, it’s not so bad when you’re the end-user. There’s more relevant, high-quality content because of all the content marketing that’s happening. If you think you have great content that people should read and it’s not happening, this post is what you are missing.