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How to Increase Traffic Through New Google Image Search Update

How to Increase Traffic Through New Google Image Search Update_Cover Photo

Google recently released an update that makes it easier for users to find more information on the events, places, objects, etc. displayed on Google Images. We could understand this as their way of improving search, particularly image search, to produce a better and more effective environment for the users. We, webmasters and SEOs, can also understand this as a new avenue for us to gain traffic for our website. However, we first need to have an understanding of how this new image search update works. Here’s what we know so far:


How to Optimize Google’s Knowledge Graph for SEO


Innovation. That’s what Google constantly strives for with the different software, products, and services they offer. Google’s knowledge graph is just one of the innovations that made a user’s search experience better and faster. Released back in 2012, the Knowledge Panel is a tool that enables users to quickly view facts about specific people, objects, places, recipes, movies, and many more. 

Since its release, the knowledge graph is one of the most defining facets of a user’s search experience since they’re not anymore limited to just viewing the 10 blue links in the search results. Google’s knowledge graph is a powerful and massively interesting tool but what exactly is the Knowledge Graph and how can we, as SEOs, use this to hit our goals?


Optimizing Content for Featured Snippets

Optimizing Blog Posts for Featured Snippets

SEO is not just a race to the number one spot anymore. Nowadays, you have to be quick on your feet to try strategies like Featured Snippet Optimization. Featured Snippets (also known as Rank Zero) are taking over. According to a study by Ahrefs in 2017, keywords with Featured Snippets are taking 8.6% of all clicks while 19.6% percent goes to the organic search result that is ranking at number 1. This can help you drive a load of traffic to your site without churning out new content or backlinks.