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The Ultimate HARO Guide for Brands and SEO

Help a Reporter Out or HARO is an online PR platform that is used by journalists and bloggers from popular websites to connect with sources to help out with their content. This, in turn, allows sources to get valuable media coverage from high traffic websites that are great for branding and SEO.



Adapting Your SEO Strategy When Your Business Changes

SEO Specialists should be able to adapt to Google’s changes on the fly. I’m not exaggerating when I say that for SEO, you either adapt or you die. I can’t stress how crucial it is for any SEO to be ready to accept any changes in the industry and to always be informed on the regular updates that any search engine releases.


What is Niche Marketing?

Niche MarketingSo I was looking at my previous entries here at seo-hacker and I just came to realize I’ve been very unstrategic in my posts. Why?

Because I think (and thanks for putting up with this) that at frequent instances, I’ve just been throwing random internet marketing terms at you and haven’t really begun with the ultimate basics.

And because of that, I figured better to start now than any time later.


Why Internet Marketing is about more than just the Product

target_market_marketingLast Friday (I hope my mental calendar is still working properly), Sean and I met up and talked about some new exciting things- and new exciting people as well- in store for SEO-Hacker. Okay, I might not be able to drop any more hints about that. Well at least not yet (right Sean?).

What I’m about to share today however revolves around what every product-owner-wannabe needs. Before you start creating your product (or maybe during), before you even think of launching it, or before you even light the buzz online, there’s one thing that you better realize you need- it’s a marketing plan.


Internet Marketing Traps and How to Recognize them

marketer liarMy series of posts about internet marketing isn’t just about the people who practice them and churn out profits. Nope, as much as possible, this is about you too.

Yes you – the person who purchases online and is lured by consumerism, the person who is being bombarded with advertising and promotion deals everyday, the person who has to watch out for his pocket and make the most of every penny.

Yes, this is very much about you.


How Not To Do Social Media

Social Media MarketingWhat’s true: social media is now a very powerful force to reckon with when it comes to internet marketing.
What’s not: exploiting the people using them is the way to do it.

If you’ve ever been an internet marketer (or at least had a faint background about it), you should be familiar about the dark side of the industry. In reality, some internet marketers don’t just care. These type of marketers have one end goal – to make a sale for them to gain profits. Period.

The newest favorite tool of these evil marketers? Social media.