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3 Major News Websites Now Nofollow External Links

It seems as though Google can now rest easy when it comes to the link schemes and manipulation happening in the online industry. Major News and Business websites such as Forbes and Inc have started to incorporate the nofollow attribute to their article’s external links. This could make the SEO industry take a turn for the better by slowly getting rid of link schemes, and making the competition for the first page ranking a fair fight.


Outbound Links Tutorial

Outbound links

You’ve got a link here and a link there. The internet is full of links. Each time you click a link, chances are, it means you’re traveling from a certain webpage to another. In SEO, understanding the outbound link is one step forward for your on-site optimization. I’ll also be talking about hidden keywords in your links below. This is a Tutorial for Outbound Links


The Bright Side Behind Seemingly Useless Links

useless linksThere are different kinds of links in the internet. Different methods to acquire them. Different attributes that go with them. There are links that we look down on – and these are the links that I would like to talk about in this entry. What makes these links worthwhile?