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Tag: nofollow

Everything You Need to Know About Nofollow, UGC, and Sponsored Links

Last September 10, Google announced that the link attribute “nofollow” is evolving and introduced two new link attributes: the rel=”sponsored” and rel=”ugc”. This announcement shook the SEO industry. 

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Link Cheetah: The SEO Hacker Review

Links have been playing a vital role in SEO for a long time, as they are the key to helping your website grow and gain more traffic. Link building has been standard practice for the whole SEO industry, with new and innovative strategies being crafted on a regular basis. Some of these strategies have bought […]

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3 Major News Websites Now Nofollow External Links

It seems as though Google can now rest easy when it comes to the link schemes and manipulation happening in the online industry. Major News and Business websites such as Forbes and Inc have started to incorporate the nofollow attribute to their article’s external links. This could make the SEO industry take a turn for […]

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How Robots.txt and Meta Tags Affect Search Engine Crawling

If you are concerned about the privacy of your website and you do not want the search engine crawlers or bots to crawl certain pages of your website, then “Robots.txt” is the one-stop solution that will keep the crawlers away from the ‘No Entry’ zone.

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