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Ultimate Guide to Site Speed Optimization

Site Speed

Site speed is a part of On site optimization that can be really easily overlooked when you’re a busy internet marketer. You’ve got an overflowing email inbox, social media stuffs to take care of, and your next blog entry. Who has time for site speed? Well just so you know, site speed has increased my pageviews dramatically. (Not to mention it’s a ranking factor.) It’s a powerful, rewarding thing to optimize. In this series, I’ll take you through the best, easiest ways to optimize your site speed.


What are Meta Tags and why are they important?

Meta tagsMeta Tags have been one of the most basic elements of SEO. It is a must to know for every SEO practitioner. Are meta tags a factor in Google page rank? Is it important? What effect does it have on your site’s SEO?

Meta tags have been around since… Since I can remember. They have been a big part in search engine history. They were valued as a factor in rankings before – until people started abusing their use in getting on top of the SERPs. After that, Google opted for meta tags out of the ranking factors. But that doesn’t mean they’re not important anymore. Meta tags still play quite a big role in your site’s SEO.