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Tag: outbound links

How to Track Outbound Link Clicks with Google Tag Manager

How do I track outbound link clicks on Google Tag Manager? Quick Answer: Log into your Google Tag Manager account, and go to the variables section. Click “New” under the User-Defined variables section, and select the Auto-Event variable. Go to Triggers, and create a new tag. Then, select “Click – Just Links,” under Trigger Type. […]

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How to Track Outbound Links using Google Analytics

How do I track outbound links in Google Analytics 4? Quick Answer: In the latest version of Google Analytics (GA4), outbound clicks are automatically tracked. To view this data, click on the “Real Time” section of your Google Analytics dashboard. Then, choose “Events,” then “Overview.” Next, click “outbound-link,” and set the secondary dimension to “Source.” […]

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Outbound Links Tutorial

Why are outbound links good for SEO? Quick Answer: Outbound links are important for your SEO because they increase the relevance of your website. They also help search engines determine how useful and helpful your pages are. This is because they provide trail of crumbs that allow search engine algorithms to process what you do, […]

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2 Things to Avoid When Linkbuilding

Links are an essential factor for the Search engine Optimization of your website. As I’ve pointed out in my previous entry, it makes up to almost 75% of your whole search engine optimization effect.

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