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Tag: page experience

Page Experience Update Complete: What you Need to Know

After two months of waiting, Google finally announced that the Page Experience Update rollout is now complete. The gradual rollout started on June 15, 2021, and was supposed to be finished by the end of August 2021 but was delayed for a few days. The announcement was made on the official Google Search Central Twitter […]

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What are Intrusive Interstitials and How do they Affect SEO?

Was there ever a time where you click on a website then right before you are able to scroll for the content that you need or select the product you want to purchase, there’s this big pesky pop-up that suddenly blocks your entire screen. Annoying right? We’ve all been there at least once and if […]

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A Guide on Google’s Page Experience as a Ranking Factor

Google announced the Page Experience Update last May of this year. It was pre-announced which means the actual update won’t be rolling out until 2021 and no specific date was given on the announcement. But they did mention that they will provide at least a six-month notice before they fully roll out the Page Experience […]

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New Ranking Factor: Page Experience and Core Web Vitals

Just a week ago, Google announced a new update that will effectively help them gauge how users experience your pages. The new update will include their old user experience factors such as page speed and mobile-friendliness which will be incorporated into the new Core Web Vitals they released to come up with a much more accurate metric […]

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