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Throwback: Eight of the Greatest Changes in SEO in the Past Ten Years


In terms of progress, SEO is one of the most influential marketing channels in the world. The reason being is that SEO is one of most progressive fields in terms of innovation and updates. Google regularly makes changes to their algorithm to make SEO more rewarding for website owners or to weed out the black hat SEO practitioners. The fact of the matter is that 10 years ago, SEO was a very different game but the players are still the same.

Google solidified its position as THE authority in SEO around 10 years ago during the early 2000s so let’s take a look at how it has changed through the years and ask ourselves: Are the changes good and can are these changes still applicable today? Let’s find out.


How to Get Your Site Ready for Penguin 3.0 (Really)


As you know, Google rolled out Penguin 2.0 By May 22nd, only 2.3% of the sites in Google’s index have taken a hit from it. Needless to say, Penguin 2.0 was nothing compared to the first iteration.


Some say that Google Penguin 2.0 was less harsh than the first.

But I think that it had more to do with the fact that most SEOs that changed their link building approach after Penguin 1.0. Blog comments were replaced by guest blogging. Profile links were replaced with broken link building. And many black hatters (myself included) went legit.


Cognitive SEO: Post Penguin Backlink Analysis Capabilities

Cognitive SEO Update

With the Penguin and EMD updates you really need to understand your links.  The time when having a bunch of links that would increase your rankings (no matter where they are coming from) is long gone. After the Penguin update, Google has become much smarter and can analyze link profiles like never before.


Pengiun-monium: What Google’s new algorithm changes means for SEO


If Panda was the new “law of the land,” Penguin is law enforcement. Google’s new algorithm update signals the beginning of the end for spammers, but it also spells trouble for honest webmasters. What Penguin does is try to better enforce the Panda filter by filtering over-optimized websites from its search results. That’s right, penalties aren’t just for blackhat sites anymore.


How to Future Proof your Linkbuilding

Google Proof

Google is constantly changing and improving. It’s obviously not the same as what it was when it started a handful of years ago. The recent Penguin update has changed the way we look at linkbuilding. It used to be about quantity and quality. Right now, linkbuilding is shifting away from quantity – giving a much higher emphasis and importance on link quality and link naturality.


How does the Google Penguin Update Affects SEO and Negative SEO?

Google Penguin Update

Over Optimization has been hitting websites like bowling pins – the score just keeps piling up. Google has now named this update the ‘Penguin’. I’m not entirely sure as to why. Sounds cute doesn’t it?