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Marketing Your Product with Free Advertising

Free AdvertisingCreating a product (or a service) is a tough job. Not only do you have to, obviously, create it, you also have to ensure that it will land on a pre-defined market and end to be profitable. If product creation is the hardest part, the second hardest will probably spreading the word out or what we commonly call these days as marketing.


The 4 Rules of Product Marketing

checklistIt’s always a given that the best way to make profits from a blog or website is to have a product of your own. But that doesn’t leave you to explore other opportunities does it? And besides, it’s not as if it’s easy to whip up a product in a flash.

So while you’re at it, or if you just want to focus on money-making regardless of who’s product it is, the answer is very simple – earn money online by promoting profitable products (such as our own Issho Genki Squalene) on your site.


Joint Venture 101: How Joint Ventures Boosts your Internet Marketing

joint-ventureIn the world of internet marketing, you’d usually begin alone, clueless and fumbling in the virtual dark. Here’s a crucial tip though – you don’t need to be. That’s what JV partnerships are for.

Sure, if you feel like you’re a one man show that’s about to crack the ultimate marketing secret, then go ahead and do it. But for most of us that doesn’t necessarily have the time, energy, or more importantly, capital, then going for a joint venture (commonly referred to as a JV) partnerships is the way to go.