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A Guide to Google Rich Snippets for SEO

A Guide to Google Rich Snippets for SEO

For SEO veterans, rich snippets, or now known as rich results, is a well-known subject for optimization. But for SEO beginners, rich results is a complicated factor that needs extensive research and planning. Although optimizing for rich results isn’t a requirement to rank well, it does help in improving rankings, even by a little bit. But what exactly are rich results? Let’s find out:


Event Schema Markup and Rich Results Guide

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What is an event schema markup?

Quick Answer: Schema is a type of code that help search engines (like Google) better understand the content on a given page. This is used to present more informative and “rich” results for users. So using event schema markups will help Google know you’re hosting and promoting events. This can really help optimize your pages, so they’re more likely to pop up on the SERPS.


Guide on Applying How-To Schema on your Blog Posts

In the age that we are living in, most of the daily problems we encounter are not solved by asking an expert or contacting a friend. What do we do? We Google it.

Your computer showed an unknown error? Need to change your WiFi password? Want to know the best way to take care of your new succulents?

You go to Google, you start with ‘How to’ and you fill in the blanks. That’s right. If you have a problem, you ask Google How-To.


Google’s Rich Results Test Tool is Now Out of Beta

In the Official Google Webmaster Central blog, Google announced that the Rich Results Test tool is now officially out of beta and is now supporting all of Google’s rich results feature.

Google also announced that the Structured Data Testing tool is going to be deprecated. It is still available for a short time but there is no specific date yet on when Google will officially remove it.

Moving forward, Google urges webmasters to use the Rich Results Test tool to validate all structured data markups. Here’s what you need to know about the Rich Results Test tool.


How to Create Structured Data Markup for Rich Snippets

Structured data has become to be one of the biggest things for search. Since Schema.org was launched in 2011 by the search giants Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex as an initiative to create a common set of schemas for the web, there have been tons of improvements in the database.

Through time, the number of websites using structured data is small even though the advantages of it are clear. Google and other search engines have made ways to better track data and advocate the use of it.

Specifically, Google made better use of structured data through Rich Snippets to optimize the appearance of search results.