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How to Make a Traffic-Boosting Content Structure


How often do SEOs repeat time and again in their minds that content is king but fail to make it convert to traffic? It all boils down to SEO site structure and how content plays a role in leading users through a significant experience on their website. I have been in the industry for a decade now and I have learned that your content is just as good as its value for promotion. If your content is all over the place with no foundational basis on how you can use it to boost traffic to your site then your efforts may well be wasted.


Why Your Page’s Word Count Isn’t as Important as You Might Think

Cover Photo - Why Your Page's Word Count isn't as Important as you might think

Here’s the formula: the longer your page’s word count is, the more chances it has to be successful in search. That’s a common belief or statement in the SEO industry. That might have been true 2 to 3 years ago, but does it still hold effective up to today – amidst all the confirmed and unconfirmed algorithm updates rolled out by Google?


The Weakness of Traditional Search Engine Optimization

It’s easy to spot the weakness of traditional SEO- it focused too much on trying to crack the system rather than work with it.

If you’re not familiar how Google, for example, gives split-second results to your every keyword inquiry, the method is actually more science than the infamous “I am feeling lucky” button.