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Bing adds Facebook Likes to a more Personalized Search Result

Facebook and BingBing and Facebook has teamed up to what I think will be a huge revolution in the world of search. Right now, Bing is adding up Facebook Likes to a more personalized search results page for it’s users.

It is overwhelming how the social network giant, Facebook will give a lending hand to the up-coming blended search forerunner, Bing. Right now, search is starting to become social. It is mind-blowing. This is definitely gonna be big!


Facebook topples Google as internet’s most visited site

For the longest time, search has been the biggest and most done activity in the internet. As we all know, the internet is a mega database of information and that information has to be sorted in an easy and convenient way. And so search came along. But now relationships through social networking is quickly catching up behind the biggest game in town.

Facebook Versus Google

Facebook a threat to Google?

It’s not a wrestling match

Just recently Facebook has toppled Google as the most visited site in some countries. At long last, a contender has emerged to show that there is something else to do in the internet than just search. There are statistical charts found in Mashable to back up this fact. Facebook is starting to up it’s game and it has shown Google that it’s not a monopoly when it comes to hits.

But if you ask me, even if Facebook gets more hits than Google, when it comes to functionality – there is no competition. Facebook is limited only to it’s database and networks while Google is not. Google embraces the whole web. Question is: Will there come a time that Facebook will be used more than all other websites in the internet combined?CONTINUE READING

Search is still the biggest game in town

Ever tried horseback riding when you were younger and your bones could take the rough riding? I bet you have. Horses are a powerful means of transportation way back then. You usually ride one in order to go to a place you want to go.  The biggest horse is not necessarily the fastest but it’s definitely the bad-ass looking one. But just for this article let’s pretend that the biggest horse is also the fastest one. Okay? Okay.