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What Part of SEO Died?

Goodbye SEO

Rumors of the death of SEO have been, as Mark Twain famously said (back when he was still alive), greatly exaggerated. As you well know if you’ve been following this blog or are even remotely familiar with search engine optimization, people have been saying for years that SEO is on its way out, while others have scoffed at the notion.

The argument never seems to get old and has lately been heating up even more. Some folks insist that PPC (pay per click) is the way to go, but others argue that while PPC has its place, SEO is still a viable means of driving traffic to your site.

Who’s right?


7 Things you must tell your Clients as an SEO specialist

SEO clients“Customer is always king”, “Customer is always right” – yeah that’s what the world will tell you. Well in SEO, your clients have to know a thing or two about what they’re getting into. Otherwise, it would make things harder for you and it wouldn’t produce the desired results of  your client either.


A Peek in the Mind of an SEO specialist: Brent Rangen

Brent RangenThere are a lot of SEO specialists out there. And rarely would you encounter one with good repute and who knows his stuff. All others are no-good oil snakes. I’ve encountered Brent as we exchanged tweets in twitter when he stumbled upon one of my entries. He’s an interesting fellow who’s worked in the SEO industry for a much longer time than I have so I thought I’d do an interview with him for you guys.