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Competitors.app: The SEO Hacker Review

Cover Photo - Competitors.app The SEO Hacker Review

SEO Competitive Analysis is one of the things that you should keep in mind when monitoring your efforts for a client. After all, it would be hard to prescribe optimization to a website when you don’t know who you are stacking up against, right? I can also say the same about social media marketing, which greatly involves a keen eye on trends and engagements.


20 Awesome Tools That Dramatically Increased SEO Hacker’s Productivity

SEO Hacker Productivity Tools

Every month we produce reports to show clients our efforts, and how they generated something beneficial.

Having many clients, one month is too short to do everything. In link building alone, the process is so tedious that we need more innovative people who will make this a non-boring feat that can be accomplished in less than a month. Same thing goes with other SEO Hacker departments.