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SEO Tips: Upgrade your Content Strategy with NLP


Natural Language Processing is simply the area that focuses on the engagement between human language and computers. As simple as it may sound, there are many intricacies associated with it, especially if you are planning on implementing it for SEO. Before diving in headfirst on building your SEO content around NLP, it would be wise to craft a strategy that would fulfill its purpose.


Content Generation with Google Question Hub: Brief Overview of the Beta Tool


Content Generation with Google Question Hub: Brief Overview of the Beta ToolIn the world of search, Google is at the forefront of delivering results in the form of fresh content for people seeking answers. With thousands and even millions of search results, you may think that each question in the world can be supplied with the answer to satisfy it. Enter, Google Question Hub.

A beta tool that would prove to be useful for information seekers and content creators in the digital sphere. According to its self-definition, it is “a tool that can enable creators or bloggers to generate richer content by leveraging unanswered questions.”


10 SEO Horror Stories: Scary Tales from SEOs


It’s that time of the year where people in costumes roam the streets, children can eat candy all they want, and creepy tales are told all over the world. But of course, it’s not just about ghosts and monsters. Us SEOs have our own “Halloween” moments that give us scares and nightmares.

I asked SEOs on Reddit to share their SEO horror stories and it was a ride reading all of them. While some are relatable, some are horrible, right out of an SEO’s darkest fears. Check out these stories from the folks at r/SEO.


Things You Need to Know About Screaming Frog Version 12

Cover Photo - Things You Need to Know About Screaming Frog Version 12.0

Having a web crawling tool is essential for your SEO efforts. Having a handy partner for site optimization like Screaming Frog will make your job easier. If you are new to SEO, you should know that a web scraper is designed to help you work with specific kinds of internet content. For example, if you find yourself not knowing where to start with your SEO efforts, then studying what elements your crawler has can make a world of difference for you. 


Google Index Guide: How to Get Google to Index Your Pages Faster

Cover Photo -Google Index Guide- How to Get Google to Index Your Pages Faster

Since you now know how to SEO new websites, the proceeding problem you’re going to face is to wait until Google indexes your new website and consequently displays it in their search results. Google has these processes that enable them to find, crawl, index, and display relevant pages to the users for specific queries. That involves a lot of effort, hardware, and ingenuity since it’s not an understatement when I say that there are billions of websites in the 2019 world wide web. So the challenge for us SEOs and webmasters is to fasten Google’s process of finding our site, crawling and indexing it, and displaying it to the right users.


Pain Point SEO: Converting Traffic to Leads

Cover Photo Pain Point SEO - Converting Traffic to Leads

Revisit your current keyword strategy and take a look at Pain Point SEO. It is the act of finding customer problems and addressing them through bankable content. At the heart of it all, SEO is all about providing answers for people. However, there are those who make the mistake of thinking that SEO is a popularity contest, banking only on traffic and keyword volume for their research.


What You Should Know About Thin Content in 2019

Cover Photo - What You Should Know About Thin Content in 2019

2011 was the year that Google rolled out the famous Panda update where they rewarded high-quality sites and reduce the presence of low-quality websites in their search results pages. This led to a massive change in the best practices of the SEO industry. Webmasters and SEOs around the world immediately changed their content strategy to cater to the Panda update since Google started penalizing websites that had thin content or any other content that was not useful to the users. Before we get into the current state of having thin content this year, let’s talk about thin content in general.


Competitors.app: The SEO Hacker Review

Cover Photo - Competitors.app The SEO Hacker Review

SEO Competitive Analysis is one of the things that you should keep in mind when monitoring your efforts for a client. After all, it would be hard to prescribe optimization to a website when you don’t know who you are stacking up against, right? I can also say the same about social media marketing, which greatly involves a keen eye on trends and engagements.


Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Cover Photo - Official Google Advice on Core Update Recovery

Recent core updates, both small and large, have made SEOs clamor for a solution or a fix to the negative effects of the update to their websites. Different theories and hypotheses have been rampant in the SEO industry on how to properly “fix” a website that has been hit by the core updates. This led to Google repeatedly stating that there are no fixes to websites that have been hit by the core updates. But recently, they gave advice on how your site can recover from the core update. Let’s find out.