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Tag: site authority

How to Boost Your Author Reputation for Google’s E-A-T Standards

Why are Google’s E-A-T standards important for my author reputation and SEO? Quick Answer: Establishing your reputation as an author is crucial when you want to strengthen your SEO and online presence. But, doing so isn’t just about putting your name on an article, but passing Google’s E-A-T standards. Meeting them is a must to […]

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Understanding Trust and Citation Flow

When it comes to looking for quality in websites, the very first thing that you would need to check is their content. The quality of your content affects numerous factors that will determine the amount of traffic, along searchability and the trustworthiness of the content. For the latter, Google’s E.A.T. allows the search engine to […]

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SEO Link building and your site authority

We have all heard about the clatter and cheers of link building in SEO throughout the web. Link building is one of the most important practices of any SEO out there. In this article I just like to emphasize how important link building is in your site’s SEO.

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