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8 Free Services to Boost your Following

Social Media Tools

What free services can I use to boost my following on social media?

Quick Answer: There are several free services you can use to increase your following. These include Gremln for scheduling updates, Social Mention for tracking brand mentions and feedback, Addict-o-matic for finding popular content, Google Alerts for news stories, Antavo for creating viral promotions, Reachli for reaching out to visual media sites, How Sociable for tracking metrics across social media sites, and Twenty Feet for integrating Facebook and Twitter. Use these to cut out hours of work, while building a strong social media following.


Social Media Reputation Management


Social media is a key player to your online reputation management. Good things and bad things are posted everyday. Some get noticed and some get left behind. Extremely good things and controversially bad things get popular – and go viral. Social Media Reputation management is a fluid and critical platform of your online reputation management.


Should you use Google Plus over Facebook?

Google Plus vs Facebook

There are lots of people asking which is better social network – Google Plus or Facebook? There are certain advantages of Facebook as it already has an established user-base, a running business model that caters to the users, great apps and ways to connect, etc. Although there is a certain hype about Google Plus that just draws people in – especially the SEO and internet marketing type of people.

I’ve asked some of the most authoritative experts on the internet which they would prefer to use. Let’s see what they have to say:


How does Google Plus Affect SEO?

Google plus

As we all well know, Google Plus has now been launched albeit in testing phase. Even so, the search giant has now taken up arms against the social network threat which is Facebook. Now that social signals are a powerful means to enhance your SEO campaigns, the question is, how can Google Plus affect SEO?


Facebook Doesn’t Like Google + Project

Google Plus +

It’s pretty obvious that Google + is a threat to Facebook’s ever-growing base of users. The reason behind it is that Google + seems to be pretty much a Google version of a Facebook upgrade.

Well Facebook ain’t letting Google get their way that easy. What does Facebook have that Google doesn’t?


How does Google Panda Update affect Social Media?

Panda update social media

I’ve been talking quite a lot about the Google Panda update recently. I pointed out how it would affect your SEO, Linkbuilding, and what you can do if and when you are unjustly affected. For this entry, I want to point out what effects it has on social media.