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Google’s Page Title Update: What We Know So Far

Inspecting Google's Page Title Update

Last week I, along with other SEO professionals, noticed a peculiar change in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Our carefully crafted title tags were being replaced, and not a lot of people were thrilled. The hypothesis is that Google’s Page Title Update was to blame, so let’s talk about what we know so far.


How the New Google Image Update Helps Increase Traffic To Your Content

How the New Google Image Update Increases Traffic To Your Content

Google Images has seen some significant updates over the past few months, with the most recent update removing the “View Image” button and Image Search function. This update has divided users of Google’s service, as it made searching and downloading images a slightly longer process than before.


Title Tag Optimization Tutorial

Title Tag

The title tag is one of the oldest attributes there is to a webpage’s layout. Title Tags have been existent since websites came to being. Title tags are also one of the most important attributes that you will ever get to use in your on site optimization. This is a Tutorial to Title Tags.