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Everything You Need to Know About Video SEO in 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Video SEO in 2021

Video content is possibly one of the most famous platforms today where numerous people spend a lot of their time-consuming content in different mediums. With decent internet and improved video quality being more accessible as the years go by, videos can definitely attract large numbers of traffic from varying sources. 

This is why improving your video’s visibility is a must for SEOs and webmasters. Especially for the ones that use video as their primary content creation platform. It’s apparent that you should put in effort into making your videos more visible on the platforms mentioned, but it is also important for you to try and take advantage of any other platforms that can effectively market your videos. One specific platform would be Search Engines like Google. Although search engines are not primarily used to look for video content, there are keywords/queries that specifically serve video content since it targets the intent of the user, it’s a more convenient form of answering the user’s questions, and sometimes users prefer watching videos over reading text-heavy pages. That said, here’s what you need to know about Video SEO:


Got a Surprise Video from a Reader in NYC!

Woke up earlier today for work and got greeted by a really, really encouraging video from a brother in Christ from halfway around the world! He’s an Organic Search Director from NYC. We had the chance to tweet with each other in Twitter using my @SEO_Hacker Twitter account. His name is Dan Cristo and I was so surprised to have received an email from him telling me he made a video for me and my team. I’m just sooo encouraged and surprised!

Thanks for the video Dan! I really, really appreciate it! You’ve just made my morning – and I haven’t even had breakfast yet!

You can follow him on his Twitter account @dancristo or see this video on Dan’s flutters account

I’ll be sure to let my team watch it and holler back to you in Twitter!