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E-commerceSelling (and buying) digital products have been tremendously grown over the past couple of years. And there’s a good reason why. With digital products, you won’t be needing personal publishers or ‘agents’ to make your book or product launching possible. What’s more, with millions of netizens, who needs traditional marketing right?

So the moment you’re ready with your product, what you need is to just find a shopping cart or marketplace service to enable selling. Here I’ll compile top spots that let’s you sell your products efficiently and securely. We’ll talk about the pros and cons and probably in the end come up with a final pick.

Liane’s Digital Product Selling Service Picks:

  • Clickbank
  • E-Junkie
  • 1Shoppingcart

These are in no particular order yet. Bear in mind that there are of course other services out there like Commission Junction and PayDotCom usually having the same business model as Clickbank (focused on internet marketing with huge digital product inventories). Feel free to test these services yourself but I think (and with bias admittedly) that clickbank still regains its dominance over the whole internet marketing industry.

Why are Clickbank, E-junkie and 1ShoppingCart my top picks?

I’ve based it on a criteria that involves price (affordability), features, support, reputation and of course a number of recommendations and positive feedbacks that I’ve read around the blogosphere. In brief, here’s what I think of the three:

  • Clickbank – could be the most popular out of the three because it has been around since 1998 and with a growing affiliate force of more than 100,000 members. Really, I think all of those weight loss and whatever kind of product you stumble on every time you stroll around the net is set in Clickbank. One of the reasons why Clickbank is loved is because of it’s robust marketplace (again thousands of affiliates can see and promote your product). For being a merchant, you’d be needing to pay a one-time fee of $49.95. Most likely that’s all you’ll ever pay. The catch though is that clickbank also gets commissions from your sales (every single one of them). I heard it’s around 10% right now? Plus attracting affiliates can be very tough with at least a 50% commission to even get them interested.
  • E-junkie – with E-junkie you pay a monthly fee of $5. The price goes up depending on the number of products you have, but it still remains cheap with just $8/month once you reach at least 20 products. My favorite thing about E-junkie is that it’s very affordable especially for beginners and that setting up your affiliate program can be so much easy. While the down side is there aren’t as much active affiliates (you’ll most likely have to really get them on your own), I think this is well compensated by the fact that E-junkie is integrated with PayPal. That means you automatically get your earned money and that you control when and how often you pay your affiliates.
  • 1ShoppingCart – this, honestly, I haven’t experience yet but it comes with strong reviews. If you’re an internet marketer, 1ShoppingCart is the gift you’ve never dreamed of. Not only does it have shopping carts, it also offers autoresponders, and all kinds of affiliate softwares and digital downloads. Of course you have to pay additional for more features. And it does come a bit too pricey for a normal web guy’s budget (email marketing alone starts at $29/month). But as they say, you pay good for equally good service. You can start with their $3.95 trial if you’re really interested to test them.

Conclusion – My Final Pick

If you ask me to pick one, I’d say I’d go for E-junkie. Why? Because it’s one of (if not the) cheapest digital selling out there that doesn’t have ‘cheap’ in its quality. E-junkie’s almost like a PayPal partner (and did I mention I love that it’s integrated?). Not only do you automatically receive your hard earned money, you can personally keep track and pay your affiliates whenever you want too.

Of course if you’re all for the marketer selling that that might shift your perspective mine (since E-junkie doesn’t really have much marketing related features). Nevertheless, pick any of the three above and you can never go wrong. Sure there might be some minor cons for every service but there’s nothing like a secure company to handle your products that will let you sleep peacefully at night while you keep on making money.

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