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Just recently, I’ve been contacted by a handful of SEO tool developers asking for reviews for their new Link Management and Backlink Checking tools. This sudden surge of tools are mostly a result of the shutdown of Yahoo Site Explorer. It’s the perfect time to launch tools that can catch the market that Yahoo Site Explorer has just let go. Quick backlinks tool or QBL by Link Research Tools, is one of these such tools.

I was emailed by Christoph Cemper telling me of QBL’s hot launch just this December 5. He was excited about it and gave me a Quick Account (You can have one too by typing in the coupon code DF0AB20C3F as you sign up).

So I took a look around, and to make the long story short, I really liked what I saw. The data was very polished and it was updated, fresh, and accurate-to-the-minute. I was impressed. I’ve yet to see a tool this accurate when it comes to checking out backlinks. It’s also much, much faster than other backlink checking tool I’ve stumbled upon in search of other Yahoo Site Explorer alternatives.

The Idea behind Quick Backlinks (QBL)

Instead of reporting only 100% validated and up to the minute accurate data as the other reports in Link Research Tools do, the philosophy for QBL is different

QBL provides:

  • QBL is seen onA quick back link list for any single page or domain wide
  • Up to 2000 back links per report (this will soon improve in the future)
  • Extra data for every link like a Link power metric, Domain Pop (Linking Root Domains), IP, Alexa (you don’t need 53 metrics for every backlink check, do you?)
  • Charts for country and TLD, Anchor text breakdown, Deep Link Ratio, and other things we would call “basic info” (albeit that’s more than other “backlink checkers” provide
  • A way to quickly research deeper into the backlink profile (Multi-QBL Launches)
  • A way to historize your research (the report philosophy our seasoned LRT users already know)
  • Export functions CSV and XLS
  • Chart Exporting for Superheros
  • The well know “favorite” and “blacklist” features you can use with other LRT functions


QBL gives you only what you need so that it loads up fast and easy. People who don’t like to skim through a lot of data will really appreciate QBL. It’s arguably the best Yahoo Site Explorer alternative that I’ve seen thus far. It’s fast and it coughs up necessary and easy data that you can easily absorb.

QBL Shows you how many links it found for you within a total number of domains. Then it shows you basically 9 charts which enumerates your:

  • Anchor Text Breakdown – This tells you which anchor texts are used for your links as well as how many times it was used
  • Link Status – This tells you whether your link is follow or nofollow or if its dead
  • Link Type – This tells you if your link comes from an image, text or redirect
  • Deeplink Ratio – Self explanatory
  • TLD Breakdown – The domain extensions your links come from
  • Country Popularity – Which hosting country links most to the target website
  • IP Popularity – Which IP addresses link to you most
  • Class-C Popularity – Which Class C IP addresses link to you most
  • Power – This tells you if your link is Average, Good or Low in their own formulated algorithm’s way

QBL Summary

QBL ReportsQBL Reports 2QBL Details

Link Research Tools has been around since 2007 and has launched in public beta in 2009.

The main difference between QBL and all other similar tools (Example: Cognitive SEO / raventools / >seomoz / seo power suite / etc…) is that they are the only tool that aggregates 22 link data sources with 53 SEO metrics AND verifies all that. Data is accurate to the minute.

Is the Superhero account which is worth $249 dollars, worth every penny? Can’t you get it on another cheaper tool or website?

The number of tools and the vast majority of data points that you can analyze plus the advanced options for branding, API and more advanced feature let many PRO users opt for the Superhero. Also it’s the fastest in processing those reports, keep in mind everything is accurate up to the minute.

If you can also enumerate for me what SEO problems your tool answers in a bulleted format, that would be great.

Which SEO Problems does QBL Answer?

  • Do +1 play a role in my niche?
  • Do I need more follow/nofollow?
  • Which links are my competitors building?
  • How can I get the contact data for these links?
  • am I losing link juice on my site?
  • where should I get a link on a friends/partners/sellers domain?
  • which are the strongest SERP results for these 30 keywords?
  • how does my competitors backlink profile look like
  • which links are powering my competitors?
  • where are my competitors linking out to a lot?
  • how can I see dozens of SEO metrics for my links/pages/urls?
  • which links am I missing compared to my competitors?
  • Also competitive analysis with the competitive landscape analyzer cannot be done elsewhere, and simply brings you to a new SEO level.

Christoph CemperChristoph C. Cemper has been building links since 2003 and is a well known and respected SEO expert in the industry. He has a good name for getting real juicy links on trusted domains as well as in depth competitor analysis using his seo tools. His company CEMPER.COM has been building high quality links for over 500 major companies across all verticals in many different languages.

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