Breaking Down Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is becoming the topic to talk about – some even claim it to replace SEO. That’s a bold statement. What’s with all the fuzz anyway? For the next few weeks we’ll be breaking down content marketing to bits and pieces – from writing solid content, targeting the right audience, and providing awesome experience – to how to get it out to the world with a bang.

How I started

I didn’t start out as an SEO Specialist. No. They don’t teach SEO at school. Heck, they don’t even teach us how to build our first website (and I took up ICTM – Information and Communications, Technology Management). Imagine that!

So where did I start?

Yellow Sheet of PaperIt was when I got my first pen and paper and I started writing. Writing, writing and writing. I wrote my first stories on a long sheet of yellow paper.

“Really Sean? You became an SEO specialist through a long sheet of yellow paper?”

Well…. Not really. But it sooner took me to blogging because no one really read my yellow sheet stories but my mom.

And blogging gave me a chance to step up on the platform and show my writing to the world.

Now here I am.

And you’re reading my stuff.

Where Content Marketing Starts

Content Marketing does not start with an awesome brand. It does not start with a lot of readers. It does not start with social media and SEO. It starts with you – with who you are and what you can bring to the world stage.

It deals with your voice – how you write. It deals with your conviction – how well you make people say “yes” with what you believe in. It deals with your ability to converse – with how you are able to touch base with people at an emotional level.

You don’t have to be a writing diva to be a great content marketer. If I could still find my first sheets of yellow paper, you’d sooner tell me that I suck at writing.

So what happened between that and now?

That’s what I’m about to teach you.

For this Content Marketing Series: “Breaking Down Content Marketing” this is what we’re going to be talking about:

It’s going to be an exciting series so stay with me as I take you through these topics. The main goal is for you to be an Exceptional Content Marketer at least and a Content Marketing Star at best!

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  1. says

    Now your talking… or writing is more accurate. I really am looking forward to your series because I have a gut feeling this is where I want to be doing. Your topic list seems to cover the key points I have been wanting to know more about.

    Keep it coming.


    • says

      Hi Tanglaw,
      We usually publish on a weekly basis here at SEO Hacker. It’s really nice of you to be anxious about this series – know that I’ll bring out only the best for you and that my friend, takes time.

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