How to Integrate Low-Hanging Keywords from the Global Market

Low Hanging Keywords

Content Marketing and SEO are becoming tighter and tighter buddies. Special thanks to Google. And hey, it’s not so bad when you’re the end-user. There’s more relevant, high-quality content because of all the content marketing that’s happening. If you think you have great content that people should read and it’s not happening, this post is what you are missing.

Ever had that experience when you’re walking and you see a tree with low-hanging fruit? Your favorite fruit. Did you let it pass you by?


You probably plucked it and took it home to eat.

Easy does it.

Keywords for Sale

There are tons of searches happening every second. Last I heard it was around 33,000+ searches / second. That’s incredibly huge! If you are able to get even 1% of that search market, you are made for life!

That can happen, you know.

Here’s how:

Do a Little Research

First, go to Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Think of the keyword/s you want to target for your next article. You can target any and all sorts of keywords in your articles, but if no one is really searching for it, why bother?

Pursue your idea, write your outline, spell out your title – all with the intention of ranking well because that piece of content you’re writing is a superstar in the making. If your keywords are wrong, if they don’t hold numbers – it won’t attract the best source of relevant, perpetual and free traffic.

Search traffic.

Google Keywords Tool Content MarketingGuidelines to remember when targeting keywords:

  • Make sure it is highly relevant to your article
  • Avoid overly competitive keywords
  • The more specific the keyword, the better your chance of converting
  • Limit yourself to target just one main keyword per article
  • Make sure that there is ample search volume to make it worth your while

 Optimize your Article

When you’re putting in your keywords, you should put it in the best places possible for it to be most effective. No, don’t spam your article with repeated versions of your target keyword – that’s not the way to go.

  1. Put it as the page Title
  2. Put it on your article Title
  3. Put it in the first paragraph of your article

Check out how I applied this in our Content Strategy series:

Keyword Placements

All the while, you have to keep your journalistic integrity in tact. Write how you write – if you couldn’t insert your keywords there, that’s fine. One of these would already make it work. If you could put it in all three spots, all the better.

You don’t need to put in a lot of keywords a lot of times.

You just have to be smart.

Put your keywords in the best places possible.

This will increase the chances of you ranking higher. Great content marketing starts with picking out low-hanging keywords. High search volume, high relevance, low competition.

Get your keywords right, be smart about it, apply – and you should be getting that search traffic you’ve always been looking for.

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