Using Meta Tags for SEO

Meta tagsMeta Tags have been around ever since I can remember. They have been an integral part of search engine information and have been used as a powerful way of manipulating search engine rankings back in the days.

Changes have come and gone over the years and spammers and exploiters who abuse SEO tactics have had their way in stuffing their meta tags with a lot of keywords – even unrelated ones.

Now meta tags have a different use. And it is arguably hardly an effective means to affect your search engine rankings. Aside from the <title> tag, there is not much use for meta tags anymore. So I’ve come up with what little use meta tags still has for your website’s SEO.

This short course has four distinct lessons:

After the course you will have a better uderstanding of:

  • What Meta Tags are
  • How you can use Meta Tags for SEO
  • How search engines values Meta Tags
  • What effect Meta Tags have for your website
  • What Meta Robots are
  • What effects Meta Robots have for your SEO
  • How Meta Tags are retrieved from your website
  • How Meta Tags affect Search Results Rankings

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