How to Ace Your Technical SEO (Infographic)


You must have heard a thousand times that ‘content is king’, and so, ever since you started thinking seriously about SEO, you have been focusing on content. It doesn’t take a hundred pieces of content for you to realize that there is something missing in this ubiquitous mantra. Yes, great content is the key to attracting powerful backlinks and having your off-page SEO strategy in place. However, the importance of technical SEO shouldn’t be overlooked.

Ben Davis from Econsultancy puts it this way: No matter what the carriages look like (on-page content), if the engine (technical SEO) doesn’t work properly, nobody will ride the train.

The good news is that technical SEO involves more upfront effort but is less tedious down the road. It helps in facilitating better Google crawling and subsequent enhancement of visibility over search engines by offering considerable structural leverage.

Fortunately or unfortunately, technical SEO is an area that changes very quickly as Google takes into account the advances in technology and consumer behavior. For example, in the past, there weren’t as many people using the mobile devices. However, in 2014, studies has shown that the number of mobile users has exceeded that of desktop.

As such, it is no wonder Google has since officially made mobile-friendliness factor in ranking websites. On top of that, as security becomes more of a concern in the internet world, Google started incorporating security as a ranking signal as well. If you have not began implementing these best practices outlined in the infographic, having good content can only take you so far.

This was not the case a few years back, and the need for technical SEO was not so largely recognized back then. There was a time when the only requisite for a website’s higher search engine ranking were keyword rich meta tags, well-designed structure, proper images and keyword enriched pages. But with increased competition amongst businesses on the online platform, things have taken a different turn.

In order to get valuable leads on a continual basis, business owners should engage in ongoing technical SEO on top of having well-written content. In today’s increasingly competitively world, the bar has been raised for marketers. So, take your digital presence beyond keyword filled pages, optimized images and well-developed website structure and keyword rich meta titles. Explore the world of technical SEO for enhanced targeted traffic in the year 2017. You will soon see your website getting flooded with high quality targeted traffic.


Here’s an infographic that’s sure to be both informative and fun for you:


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