How AntRanks Can Help You With Your SEO

How AntRanks Can Help You With Your SEO

When it comes to link building, one should focus on two of the most important factors: the quantity and quality of the backlinks which were built for your website. Analyzing the quantity of your backlinks is easy – all you need to do is count the links that were built for your site. How about the quality of your backlinks? Remember that while some links have immediate results, some might take time. There are a lot of criteria that anchors Google rankings; some of them are the domain authority of the website linking back to yours, the quality of the content, and the traffic your link is getting.

One such tool that can in this endeavor is AntRanks. This tool is advantageous for SEO specialists especially because it can help gather link information and process them into summarized results.

The best way to analyze if the backlinks you built are effective is, of course, by checking how high your ranking is. The faster your links are checked by Google, the better the backlinks are. To know if your links are already checked by Google, you need a link research tool which will show you if there are results already. Remember that link researching is essential in link building, so be patient and persistent in looking for the right link research tool.

This is where AntRanks proves to be useful. There are a lot of link research tools that you can use and one of them is It is a tool that one can use to track the ranking of your keywords. This tool is especially built to help those who practice SEO; since it takes care of the analyzation of the keyword rankings, you can now focus more on building links for your website.

 Why use

AntRanks is an easy to use app that gives concise and accurate ranking of your websites. It gives you a daily update that shows the performance of your website. A summary in percentage of the growth and decline of your website’s rank is shown along with a ten day analysis report. It focuses on your keywords and it automatically analyzes what landing pages those keywords are used. With this tool you can check how your efforts instantly affect the rank of your website. You can also set your goals based on the results. The app also shows the volume of links used for a keyword. This will help determine if you need to increase or continue efforts in building links. For someone who practices SEO, this app will make your life easier by having a summarized result of your keywords rankings and gather information for an analysis.

 Getting Started with AntRanks

With the help of AntRanks, you can easily gather ranking results and analyze them. These are the steps that you should follow in order to use this app:


  1. Click New Project on the upper right side of the dashboard
  2. Copy and paste the website’s URL Domain
  3. Add your primary keywords
  1. Enter the location for your search engine (your website’s approximate geographical location)
  1. Click Launch Project and wait for the results
  2. Check it on a daily basis

The app also has a search profile feature that allows you to search on a regional setting. This will show if your links were built in another country or if you effectively created traffic in your desired location.

 Shows Daily Results


 You can see the decline or growth of your keywords’ rankings in a span of ten to thirty days (it depends on your desired setting). As you can see in the picture above, the rankings of two keywords dropped by a point while one keyword increased by one point. In a way, this is a shortcut for SEO research as you don’t need to log in everyday just to get results. Instead, it automatically collects the data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.



It also shows the visibility of the keywords. This will reflect the traffic your content containing the keyword is getting. In addition, you can view additional information such as the maximum and lowest ranks that your keywords reached in percentage. The information provided here will reflect your SEO efforts’ feasibility. Is it working or not?


AntRanks measures the Rank Change of your website. For example, 90% of the keywords’ ranking went up while 10% went down; this means that there was 100% Change in the ranking. It also lets you see if you are ranked in top 1, included in the top 2-10, or out of top 100. The analytics also determines your website’s average rank, from the time you input it in AntRanks to the current date. After building links for a specific keyword, you can instantly see the results using this app! Truly, this tool will help you test the effectiveness of your linkbuilding process.

Free to Try

AntRanks is a simple to use tool that delivers complex information at the press of a button. It usually delivers a scheduled report your registered email address in a compact email that has all of the information that you need. The best part about AntRanks is that it’s free to try for 14 days and that comes with 100 keywords for one location. So if you need to try out a tool that’s great, that’s the perfect opportunity for you to do so. You can sign up for a free trial here.

Key Takeaway

This app has plenty of things to offer for SEO specialists. Below are some of the things that it can help you with:

  • Determining your goals and objectives
  • Providing you a Daily and Monthly Report of Rankings
  • Keyword Tracking Solution based on Search Engines and Location

Every strategy requires you to research and it is good to know that a tool like AntRanks exists to help you in analyzing the previous results of your ranking, as well as the effectiveness of your backlinks. AntRanks is powered by Google, which means that the information given to you is more or less accurate.  It automatically updates results daily, even if you don’t access it every day.

Of course, before you analyze any results, you need to build links with high quality content. It does not necessarily mean you need high amount of links redirecting to your site.  AntRanks is a practical link research tool for SEO practitioners and LinkBuilders. It is important for SEO Specialists and LinkBuilders to use tools like this; this will not only help them examine the results of their links, but it will also give them insight in order to properly create an in-depth plan of action for lining keywords, landing pages, and of course, the results which are the rankings.

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