The Art of SEO

SEO ArtLots of SEO practitioners in our world today see SEO as a task. They see it as work. They see it as a bunch of quotas that they need to accomplish. And if you don’t love what you’re doing, you’re most probably one of those guys. Well I say SEO is an art.

The big picture

When you look at it on a bigger scale, you can’t do SEO without a strategy and plan. That strategy and plan can only be made when you really understand the business and it’s customers. The only way you can understand the business and customers is to interact directly with them and try to get a feel of it yourself.

It is tasking, yes and it is also a lot of work. But trying to formulate that specific strategy for a specific company can only be a form of art – there is no map to do it and you are not bound by any specific laws. It is without shape. Your SEO strategy will have to be shaped and traced by you – you’re the artist.

When you think of SEO as an art, it changes everything.

An artist puts passion in his work and people see that. It’s that specific passion that will attract people. In the internet, it’s that specific passion that will separate your SEO efforts from the others.

Building just one SEO campaign can already be a daunting task. It’s all about researching and studying a design you want (keyword research) then setting the foundation (on site optimization) and after that, you’re on to social networking and building backlinks (off site optimization) – which will lead to further research, studies and promotion (analytics monitoring and conversion optimization).

We have our tools

Just like painters have paint brushes and their canvass, we have ours – some of it for free and some are not. But the point is, we have to use tools to make our art better. SEO tools are comprised of keyword research tools, backlink analysis tools, traffic and trending analysis tools, social media virality and analytics tools, etc… In fact, SEO might just be the job that has an almost limitless amount of tools available.

I’m just here to inspire you to treat yourself as an artist. Inspire others with your work. Even if SEO is studied and monitored by analytics and numbers, at the back side of it, your art is at work. I do believe that SEO specialists are the marketing artists of the internet generation.

This is one of the best industries to be in right now – because all businesses are going online, search engine algorithms and features keep changing, information is widespread, money in the internet has been rolling and rolling, customers never run out, it is a zero-sum-game… Need I say more?

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  • I really liked your comparison of seo to art and hope that many so called “seo professionals” become artists in this field and bring not only promises but real results.

    Thank you.

  • I really enjoyed this article. It’s nice to see that there are people out there who care about SEO and are not out to rip people off.

    • Thanks Joe,
      I really enjoy SEO – and it’s my passion. Win or lose, I’m still going to be in love with what I’m doing.

  • In optimizing websites, it is important if we care about SEO just like you Sean that is why i enjoyed reading your article because you care about SEO and you loved it.

  • terry knight

    As per the new google algorithms SEO is really an ART of placing links and make them count against panda and penguin