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User experience has always been an important factor for your SEO campaign. Spending enough time on improving your site’s user experience can go a long way, and will help your long-term SEO goals. But improving it is not as easy as it sounds.

Giving up on improving a website and being content with its below-average user experience happens more often than you would think. This is problematic because the change in standards and preferences is common amongst users, and if a website does not adapt accordingly, it will lose visitors and potential customers.

Fortunately, the best way to adapt and improve your website’s user experience is to revamp your pages. It’s immensely beneficial to most businesses and it allows your website to keep up with the user’s constantly changing preferences and standards. But what does it entail?

Revamping Pages for Better User ExperienceRevamping Pages for Better User Experience

In today’s online landscape, establishing a web presence and managing it is simpler than ever, but creating a website that can keep visitors coming back is not something that’s easily done. Consequently, producing great user experience is one of the things marketers and SEO specialists struggle with.

Revamping your pages is an integral part of your conversion rate optimization, and it helps you make your website and SEO as effective as it can be.

So, some important factors to consider when revamping your pages for better user experience are:


Your website’s keywords are basically about how you want users to find and identify your website, and how they try to find out more about a certain product or service your business is offering. Unfortunately, not many businesses have the capability to properly target keywords.

Some companies still try outdated, SEO black-hat tactics such as keyword stuffing in hopes of ranking highly. However, as Google puts out updates and algorithms, tactics like keyword stuffing has become an ineffective way to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages). So, if you have a history of using keyword stuffing as a tactic before the algorithms were released, it is highly possible to still have remaining pages that contain this outdated, harmful tactic.

A revamp of your pages can help you take a closer look at their targeted keywords, and ensure that you are properly targeting the right keyword to rank as authentic and as organic as possible. You can also avoid any possible penalties if you have any pages that contain keyword stuffing. And it can also assist you in figuring out more appropriate keywords for your SEO campaign.

To help you get started with a proper keyword research for your site, you can use SEMrush:

  • Log in and click Keyword Analytics drop-down button

Semrush keyword analytics

  • Click Overview

Semrush keyword analytics overview

  • Enter your keyword in the search bar located above

Semrush keyword analytics overview search bar

  • Take a look at its volume, phrase match, related keywords and their corresponding volume on the results page to check if there are any keywords that are better than the one you searched for.

Semrush keyword analytics overview results page

Website Design

Creating great user experience entails as much knowledge as possible about your target audience, and designing a website that appeals to them. A recent study conducted by Adobe concluded that 59% of consumers prefer to engage with content that is beautifully designed.

One of the reasons why 59% of consumers prefer a beautifully designed content is because of people’s short attention span. So, most of the visitors you’ll receive will only stay if they find your content helpful or if it piques their interest. You will also be needing a design that is not only catered to your target audience but will also help the audience have an easier time scanning or reading your content. Some things you can incorporate to improve your site’s design are:

  • Headers
  • Simpler Navigation
  • Bullet Points
  • Font that is easy to read

Also, if you are branching out to a mobile website – which you should – make sure that you have a responsive web design to help your mobile SEO campaign.


Once a visitor arrives on your homepage, about 52% of them would expect information about your company. Show them what your business is all about and what value you can bring to their business. Make your visitors think that whatever you are offering them is worth their time.

Aside from information about your business, 64% of visitors will also look for your contact information on your homepage. It’s fine to have a separate “Contact Us” page, however, it would be better for you to have a snippet of it on your homepage.

Just take a look at our business website,

seo hacker business website

All of our information is included above-the-fold so that our visitors will have an easier time knowing what we do and how to contact us.

It would be best for you to revamp your homepage in terms of information that your visitors need, and if that’s not possible, revamp your navigation to give your visitors an easier time to arrive at the content that they are looking for.


Revamping your pages also allows you to update existing content and make it more valuable and relevant for your target audience. You’ll be needing a proper content strategy whenever you update your existing content to make sure that everything is working accordingly.

Check your content and refresh any page that is outdated, ensure it is properly optimized, and you may opt to re-purpose some of them for a better keyword.

As mentioned above, people would prefer if the content is presented in a simple yet aesthetically appealing manner. So, remember that aside from the content itself, delivery is also an important aspect of a user’s experience on your website.

Key Takeaway

Revamping your pages for better user experience is an important aspect of your SEO campaign. Be mindful of the metrics you should be looking at when you revamp your pages. This will help you know what strategies work and what does not.

If your website is stagnant and does not adapt to the changes in preferences in trends, it will slowly lose rankings and online visibility – which can ruin any possibility of converting visitors.

Do you have any questions regarding the revamping of your pages for better user experience? Comment it down below and let’s talk.

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