Get Bigger Reach with Something You Already Have

Using Your Content To Gain Bigger Reach

The work that you have put into your website such as link building, content creation, and other SEO strategies, would be wasted if its content is only shared once or twice on social media platforms. 

The act of resharing your content means that you want the users to see something that they have never seen before. Even if the content has been published for a while now, there will always be a new user that sees your content for the first time.

Since the social media industry is something that experiences changes on a regular basis, having content that could be shared multiple times will be an integral part of your social media strategy.

SEO and ReSharing

SEO and Resharing

Resharing content is great, but it is not a replacement for regularly publishing quality content. So, always write content for your pages, but make sure that they are worthy of resharing over long periods of time. Additionally, a common misconception about resharing is that it is spammy. This is not the case just as long as you are doing it responsibly, and not flooding your social media account with shares.

Resharing your old content could help you in two ways. First, it helps you have new users visiting your page. Second, it gives you the chance to have a form of engagement with your audience that will help you lead them to your site.

Furthermore, resharing is beneficial for SEO because the more engagement your posts have, the better it is for your blog or site’s reputation in regards to search engines. That’s only one part of the total SEO improvement you can receive when you avidly but responsibly share your articles.

Resharing your content through social media sites alone has a positive impact on SEO, but receiving engagement can take you to new heights. Always remember that your quality content can do its job if it has enough engagement. Through resharing, you multiply your content’s exposure, and that’s what matters.

However, do note that the act of resharing is not the only possible way of having increased engagement with your content. That’s what I’ll be talking about in this article.

update old posts

#1. Update Old Posts

Writing your blog posts with the future in mind is one of the most important habits an SEO could ever hope for. Through writing, blog posts that could last for a long time are one of the smartest, and most time efficient content marketing strategies you could ever have.

You could update your blog posts through revamping your headline, checking your grammar and content, update the links and images, refreshing your social share buttons, and incorporating more recent content. This will take you considerably less time than creating brand new content, and you will be able to share your updated content with newer users that have not seen the page when it was initially published.

Always make it a point to check your metrics, and see which posts have the best performance. Update it and share it with all your followers.

 regroup your content#2. Reorganize Your Content

You’ve probably encountered an instance wherein you publish content that is top-notch and deserves a lot of people reading it, but users just don’t read your content. It’s disheartening and demoralizing. However, you just need to do a lot of experimenting until you find what really piques the interest of your audience. Afterward, regroup the content that you have already published.

Reorganize your content with a new objective in mind. One such example is when you group similar blog posts together based on one singular theme – you can also do this the other way around by making one great post into separate fresh content that you can share.

Another great way to make your visitors stay on your website is to create a compilation of the best blog posts you have, then let the visitors click on the link to each and every blog post that is included in the said list.

Lastly, regrouping your content gives you the chance to target newer audiences on social media – which means improved reach and engagement.

testing different audience

#3. Testing Different Audiences

One of the most common thoughts that enter your head whenever you’re resharing old content is that your audience might think that you are just spamming your blog posts, however, do not worry because most of the social media users don’t ever see your shares in the first place due to your lack of presence.

Since you will be encountering different types of people through social media, it will be important for you to change up your content AND how you share it on social media. One way to change up your approach to social media is to get snippets from your blog posts that could pique the people’s interest. You can improve the description of your posts, use a different image, and other updates that you can do – you have plenty of choices, so make the most out of it.

automate the process

#4. Automate the Process

Automating the whole process of sharing your blog posts could be beneficial for you in the long run. By not having to manually share blog posts each and every day, you have the necessary time to interact with your audience, create new blog posts, update existing ones,  and generate topics to write about. This will not only give you extra time, but it will also help you share more of your posts with less effort exerted.

As I’ve mentioned above, the sharing of your blog posts is not a replacement for creating fresher content, however, sharing your posts can give you the much-needed boost your website needs. Additionally, it is important for you to keep in mind that the content that you publish is only as good as the engagement it receives.

Key Takeaway

Updating, revamping, and resharing your old blog posts may seem like a pointless task, but I assure you that this strategy definitely helps with your content marketing and social media endeavors.

But, resharing is not done through the simple click of a button, you have to be responsible in resharing or else risk getting reported for spam. Keep your content up to date, publish it on a regular basis, and have a positive interaction with your audience – make a habit out of these things and you will see a positive impact on your SEO.

Do you have any other tips on resharing old content? Tell me in the comments below.

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