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Category: Keyword Research and Optimization

Kinds of Keywords: Geo Targeting Keywords

Now that we’ve covered the oh-so-important Product defining keywords, it’s just about time to discuss about Geo targeting keywords. These are the keywords that are slowly becoming more popular and more important as localized search is growing stronger.

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Kinds of Keywords: Product Defining Keywords

Talking about Customer defining keywords in the previous lesson, let’s now move on to product defining keywords. What are product defining keywords and why are they important?

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Kinds of Keywords: Customer Defining Keywords

Now that we’ve covered up Market defining keywords, let’s move on to the next most-used keywords which are the Customer defining keywords. If you business is customer-centered, these keywords should be your main target.

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Kinds of Keywords: Market Defining Keywords

This guide to the kinds of keywords you can optimize is aimed to help you determine which keywords you need to include in your SEO marketing campaign to set your SEO plans in the right direction. For the first of this per-lesson tutorial, I’d be tackling Market Defining Keywords.

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Keyword Research and Optimization Guide: Introduction

The cornerstone of your entire SEO campaign would be your keywords. Without the right keywords, you’re going on the wrong direction. Without the right keywords, everything you’re doing is a waste. Your keywords will be what you’re going to build on.

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