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Category: Link Building

Browse through all articles relating to link building for SEO so that you could be a better link builder and SEO specialist.

Broken Link Building Tutorial for Beginners

With links as one of the top search engine ranking factors, many businesses and bloggers invest their time and effort in acquiring links from blogs and websites relevant to their industry.

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Ultimate Guide to Link Building Factors

It’s all in the link – that’s what I always say. Just enough quantity with the right quality. The perfect mix. We all know that a hundred good links is better than 10,000 bad ones – but how exactly can you tell? Where’s the dividing line between ‘really great’ and ‘downright shady’?

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How to Convince People to Click on your Links

What gets people to click? Quick Answer: Proper link placement as well as long and descriptive anchor text that is action-oriented and helps drive the number of clicks your link is getting. Minimizing distractions (such as the number of ads on the page) and achieving a healthy balance of content versus links will also keep […]

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8 Reasons Why your Link Building Outreach is not Working

Have you been link building for years now? Then perhaps you’re also doing outreach for years, still with the hope that your contribution will be accepted. And still, it isn’t working.

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Five Sure Ways to Increase Guest Post Acceptance Rate

You’re probably doing link building for many months now, exerted too much effort building backlinks from different sites, and already tried different strategies – from broken link building to blog commenting. Perhaps you’ve sent tons of guest post pitches, but still aren’t getting any replies. Still aren’t getting positive results.

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How to Determine Which Link Building Strategy Really Works

Last week, I was privileged to join our Link Building Team with their monthly meeting – the time when they will lay down all the strategies they’ve done for the past months, the results, and how they can improve them in the months to come.

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Link Building for 2015 – A Curated Guide

Some say there’s no future for link building, that investing on it is just a waste of time. But, being in the world of Digital Marketing for more than two years now, I’ve witnessed how link building helped a lot of websites not just with ranking in major search engines, but also on increasing conversions […]

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Secrets to Successful Guest Blogging

First of all, link building is not dead. This is like saying you can’t have links to any websites aside from your own. We know it will never happen. Getting a link back from other sites will always be one of SEO’s main goals, and Google will always value this because in the first place […]

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The Secret Strategies to Successful Link Building

Lately I’ve been compiling link building techniques to share with everyone, and also a way for me to even prove that link building still has its value in spite of the growing numbers of SEOs believing that it’s dead, it’s not going to bring you to the top, and it’s better to focus on content […]

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Link Building

Link building is dead. I’ve heard it a hundred times, and I still don’t believe it’s true. On the contrary I think link building is becoming more and more valuable.

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