Get Links Organically Without Asking for Them

Earn Links Without Asking for Them

It is a fact that a successful link building campaign starts with link outreach. However, link outreach has become much harder to enact because of the feeling of alienation content writers get whenever we give them unreasonable amounts of link requests.

That is actually not the only reason why link outreach is harder to do now than it was before. Another reason is that most SEOs do not prioritize “begging” for links. This is why it’s a common occurrence for me to produce content that I want people to link to.

The failure of contacting and asking other content writers and influencers for links is what stops most people from successfully having links for their content – not me, though.

Fortunately, I’m going to be introducing you to some ways that you can do to earn links from varying sources while not directly asking them for it. Let’s get started

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The Problem With Link Outreach

Link outreach, as most of you know, is a demoralizing process to undertake. Every time you ask content writers/creators for a link and fail actually takes its toll on an SEO’s morale. Failed link outreach programs can be detrimental to your brand because if you have published quality content that is sure to help your brand, but do not get enough links that point to it, then all that you’ve done is for naught.

This can be solved in two ways. It’s either you optimize your outreach and try your hardest to have a higher success rate or you can do as I do and improve your link outreach without having to explicitly ask for links.

Without further ado, here’s how to get started: 


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#1. Offer Something Useful

Instead of downright asking for links, you can tell the content creators that you have something that will probably of use for them. Usually, the content that you need for this fulfills a specific need for the content creators.

So, look for content on the web that you think needs some additional resources – which you have – then message the author or publisher of that content. You should introduce your content in a way that makes them think that they really need that additional resource in order to back up some of their claims in their own content. Additionally, if they do not need the additional resource as of the moment, you can introduce your content as something that they will need for an element in their niche, or for future content that you think they will be writing about.

Some of the people that this tactic is effective on are bloggers, journalists, researchers, or people that often include tools and visuals in their content. So, you can do content that focuses on things like data, visuals or supporting evidence. However, this tactic is not effective when it comes to commercial content.


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 #2. Fit in Their Criteria

Instead of directly asking for a link, you can look for content that lists or follow certain criteria, then you can approach them by telling them that you are perfect for their criteria.

For example, you find a website that regularly publishes a list of content that caters to a certain need, and fortunately, one list that they are going to do is where you already have content about, then, by all means, tell them that you fit in their criteria. More often than not, this gets you included in their lists and also a link back to your website.


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#3. Be Helpful

This tactic involves a lot of your focus because you will be looking for sources that are in your niche, focus on them, and know when and where they publish their content. If you find these kinds of publications and check on them regularly, you will have the chance to earn some links whenever they ask for assistance on something related to their content or website.

Offer your services/help, and after the completion of the task, you will generally earn a link for your assistance. Basically, just monitor these content creators that you would like to get a link from, then wait for them to ask some assistance from external sources. When this happens, you can immediately offer to help, then get some benefits through links.


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#4. Offer an Endorsement

This tactic is perfect for websites that sell a certain product, write a specific piece of content, a tool, and whatever object or services that need endorsement. It is important to remember that you are trying to endorse them and that your endorsement must mean something to them.

One of the things you must make sure of is that you are a part of the audience they are trying to reach. So, when you offer an endorsement, and they accept your offer, you will probably get a link back to your own site. This is because they want to establish your authority through sharing the fact that you have your own website, and that you regularly publish something related to their niche.


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#5. Guest Blogging

This one is known by almost all of the SEOs and is probably the first that came into your mind when you thought about earning links without asking. Guest blogging, guest contribution, guest editorials, and any other guest authorship you can think of is included in this tactic.

If you are new in the SEO industry and don’t know what guest blogging is, it’s basically you submitting content to websites that publish content about your niche. You get links through incorporating them into the content that you submit, so whenever a user reads your guest post on a website, and they like the content, they look for links that point to your website in order to read similar content that is written by you.

Key Takeaway

Link outreach is much like any SEO technique – it is an integral part of your SEO campaign, and you need them to have success in your campaign. However, if you are not a fan of the traditional way of link outreach, then keep all the tactics I wrote about in your minds, and you will have far better results than you did when you tried out directly asking for links.

Go do your outreach by using these tactics, get numerous quality links from authoritative sources, and have a successful SEO campaign. Keep in mind that you won’t be successful in this endeavor if you do not put in enough effort for it to work.

Do you know any other tactics for link outreach? Tell me in the comments below, and let’s talk about it.

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