Things to Consider in Starting a Successful Outreach Campaign

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For those who are just starting out in Link Building and Outreach for SEO, I bet you have a world of questions in your mind. Knowing how to gauge the quality of your links is the most difficult part of the job. This is why it is important that you know where to begin in a successful outreach campaign.

The value of your link profile is just as good as its contribution to the strength of your site, if you think that the links you build are not passing on that value then you might as well just stop. Without the proper metrics that can help you make a quality report for your links, you would be hard-pressed to improve your link building tactics to win in SEO and to have a great outreach campaign.

Here are some points you need to consider in order to have a high enough score that can help you boost your efforts for this endeavor:

Relevancy of Links

This is a no-brainer, the links built should hold a form of relevance to the site you are building to. Of course, it is common sense that you should not build a link in sites for automotive parts if the nature of your business is a flower store. However, the relevance of the links runs deeper than this because relevance is determined by how many people treat your link as valuable.

To succeed in measuring link relevancy, you have to make sure that it would be a great representation of your client’s name. More than just the Domain and Page ratings of a site, you have to look at how people engage in it. Users should be as genuine as possible with their engagement and the more they are in number, the site’s relevance is further affirmed.

Clear and Concise Email Outreach

Email outreach is another effort that a Link Builder should master. Building links deal heavily with relationship-building as well, so this is essential when you want to succeed in your outreach campaign.

In fact, this is the most integral part. Some pointers that I will list below are already a given but it doesn’t hurt to have a reminder of it every once and a while, right?

  1. Be courteous when sending outreach emails. Always address the webmaster using his/her first name.
  2. Create sincere and eye-catching email subjects. As much as possible, craft a personalized email for every person you reach out to. They will appreciate it more when they feel that you want to have a sound collaboration with them, not just use them as a source for building links.
  3. Properly negotiate with the webmaster. Aim to have the link placed above the fold.

Anchor Texts

Anchor texts are essential for your Link Building efforts. This should be well-optimized for the target keyword of the landing page. Be as descriptive as you want without it looking like spammy text. When it comes to this element, you would be well-served by this if you always make sure that your anchor text is topically relevant to your keyword and landing page. Also, avoid cannibalizing the keyword. If you have a perfectly placed contextual backlink, then strive to maintain its natural format. Stray away from anchor texts that would make readers do a double-take, thinking that the link is just there because it is a hard-sell advertisement for a product.

Site Authority

Websites you build links in should be authoritative. You can measure authoritativeness by using tracking tools like the Moz Domain and Page Authority browser extension. There is a certain level of influence that you have to detect when searching for sites that can help you in building links. You would know that it is authoritative if it is clean from malicious content.

This is why it is important to build on ethical sites. Low-quality directories, link farms, low-quality bookmarking sites, over-optimized forum comments, or Private Blog Networks (PBNs), should not be included in the list of sites you can build links to. It is also a clear indication that the site is eligible to help you build links when it has a healthy link profile. Avoid PBN links, spammy anchor texts, or dirty backlinks.

Chase New Referring Domains

Always try to get new referring domains. Have a tracker to help you see which sites you have been repeatedly building links in. Twice is already a red flag. Strive to have different domains for your links. Avoid recurring links from the same site to the same site. This will ensure that your links are diverse and therefore valuable enough to be a part of your link quality report.

Key Takeaway

A link quality report can help you achieve a successful outreach campaign.  Doing is the best way to succeed in Link Building since you are actively building relationships with other webmasters as well. Follow these simple steps and the results will be momentous. I wish you good luck in your campaign. Comment down below if you have stories to tell about your outreach campaign.

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