Why your Copywritten Article isn’t Working

sales-copywriting-seoYou’ve spent months researching, creating and building your product. You’ve entered the final stage and it’s almost ready to be presented to the world. Only one thing is missing- you still don’t have a copy (or your salesletter). What do you do?

When everything boils down to writing that one final piece of copy that’s going to present (and represent) your product, you have to keep in mind that this stage could either make or brake you in a magnitude of ways. Unless of course you have a good capital to shell out to a great copywriter, you’d then end up doing it on your own.

To the person about to embark the dark and treacherous waters of copywriting, this post is for you.

Do Not Be Fooled

This isn’t a tell all post about how to strike a perfect copy. This is merely a crash course that ought to give you a clear picture of the essentials of copywriting, that is, if you’re doing it on your own.

Even if you’re not an internet marketer, you should familiarize yourself with the art of the copy. I mean, it’s not just the marketers who have something to with products, right? More often than not, products comes from netizens like you and me- people who immerse on a field and turn out to be an expert in it.

Like what the famous blogger David Risley always say, “Blogging is a business“.

You might just see yourself as a writer, but trust me, there’s a lot of business stuff in store for you. Start with a product for one.

The Core of Every Copy is…

A story. Look at yourself. Look at your product. Look at the people reading your content. There’s a reason for it. There’s always a core story that ties everything together. For instance, if you’re a fitness blogger and you want to make a fitness ebook, ask your self this question- ‘why?’.

The answer to that is, viola, your story.

Why is it essential to know the story? Because that’s the best way for you to really connect with your audience. That’s the best way for them to truly understand and see your product beyond the hype and the countless promotional schemes.

Focus on The Person and The Product

You might have heard stories about people on the net being more dubious and careful about online purchases. It’s true. But the moral is that it’s not because they don’t want to spend (humans are consumption animals I tell you), it’s just because they are afraid of banking on trust. This may not necessarily be your fault (blame the scammers, the marketing liars etc.) though ultimately, you have to see to this as the biggest roadblock to overcome.

So how do you get past the trust roadblock? It goes back again to the story.

The Flow of The Story

Always start with the problem. If you can’t find a problem, then I don’t see the point to having a product either. One thing you should note though is that you should never exaggerate (marketers are very fond of this). The more honest you are about it, the more a person will be able to relate it on his own.

Follow up with the solution. It’s as simple as that isn’t it? You have a problem, and now you figured out something that you could be. The bulk of your copy though is going to have to face the challenge of answering why your solution is the best out there.

Your would-be-buyer knows it, there are always options- options that doesn’t necessarily involve shelling out money of buying at you. So tell that person, why it’s going to be a loss if he’s not going to take the plunge into your product.

That’s also the part where you’d usually have to thrown in testimonials, special privileges, or discounts or whatever 😉

Simply. Tell. The. Story.

This should be what’s on your mind when you’re writing the copy. Don’t put yourself in the position of the seller vs. the buyer (that’s just too impersonal). Put yourself in the position of the person talking to another person.

Remember that if someone reads your copy, he is going to find it harder to connect if you’re a approach is to a general public. That person reading your copy isn’t going to care about other people, he’s only going to care of himself and how it personally relates to his own experience. No more, no less.

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