DLSU ELC Talk 2013: How you can Use Social Media to Impact the World

February is a busy month. I just finished my talk in UST’s PRISM event while I was preparing for a talk to the new Henry Sy Sr. hall in DLSU. It was the Economics Leaders Congress and I had the great privilege to be one of the speakers there. I talked about How you can Use Social Media to Impact the World.

ELC Invitation

The event started with a talk from mr. Francis Kong

Francis Kong Sean Si ELC

Then the seminar broke out into groups and the youth leaders went to their respective interests. It was an intimate crowd for me. Intimate but jolly and cooperative.

I talked about who I am and what my skills, passions and profession is – which led me to my influence (God and You blog). I explained that this is my impact to the world. We are unique – there is no other person exactly like yourself. We all have unique imprints in our world today.

Sean Si DLSU 2013 talk 6

Afterwards, I explained the logical outworkings of the social networks to the crowd. I started with Facebook’s EdgeRank, moving forward to Twitter’s TunkRank and lastly, Google+’s impact to the Search Engine Results Page.

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