Facebook Has Added Sound to Newsfeed Videos

Facebook Has Added Sound to Newsfeed Videos

Facebook has been changing things up a lot for both desktop and mobile users; and the most significant change, in my opinion, is that they are making Newsfeed Videos play automatically with sound.

Here are Facebook’s latest and biggest changes:

Newsfeed Videos Autoplay with Sound

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The norm for Facebook in the past is that videos would autoplay as the user would go along their newsfeed. The videos were muted and would only play with sound if the user deliberately “tap” on the video. Facebook reasoned that people are now watching more videos on Facebook and feedback have reported that users expect the sound to automatically play.

Facebook conducted a focus test on a number of users and having videos play automatically with sound returned positive feedback which prompted Facebook to start offering the feature on a larger scale.

Of course, this is simply the new “default” setting for videos but the option to turn off the sound will still be offered.

Worth noting is that if your smartphone is set to silent mode, your Facebook videos will be silent as well.

Personally, I feel that this is simply a matter of taste. While it’s true that some people prefer to have this option, a number of people prefer the old silent-until-tapped feature – and that is perfectly fine.

Vertical Support Added for Videos

Facebook has finally added vertical support for newsfeed videos regardless of the user’s platform of chocie i.e. iOS or Android.

Facebook has modified the old system and added a new thumbnail as well as progress bar for when you are in full screen.

Picture-In-Picture Finally Implemented

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Facebook has finally made it possible for users to keep browsing their newsfeed even if they are watching a video. Android has an added bonus: Facebook will also allow users to watch videos even from outside the Facebook app.

This is a smart addition and in my opinion the best addition to Facebook because it allows the user to keep moving even as they watch videos. One of the many concerns that people have is the attrition rate for Facebook’s new Video Algorithm. With this addition, content creators no longer have to worry about people skipping over their content because they are busy because now, then can simply keep watching as they browse their newsfeeds.

TV Facebook Video App in the Works

Facebook is working on an app which will allow users to connect their Facebook accounts to their televisions. This is a result of people calling for more ways to watch videos. According to Facebook, this new app will “roll out soon to app stores for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Samsung Smart TV,” with more platforms being worked on for the future.

Another nifty feature is allowing users to save videos that they want to view later on their TV storage as well as having the ability to share videos, save their favorites as well as watch live videos from content creators from all over the world.

Facebook stated that they are excited for the future of content creation with the advent of this new feature.

Key Takeaway

After reading through Facebook’s announcement, I came to the conclusion that Facebook is essentially following Google’s footsteps – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Facebook is not really innovating on anything groundbreaking but this is a good start, maybe except for the “autoplay with sound” announcement.

I am personally looking forward to the future of content creation on Facebook and Youtube et. al, due to the competition between the various social media websites  intensifying as time passes. Do you have any experiences relevant to content creation on Facebook? Share your story with us in the comments section below!

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