Facebook topples Google as internet’s most visited site

For the longest time, search has been the biggest and most done activity in the internet. As we all know, the internet is a mega database of information and that information has to be sorted in an easy and convenient way. And so search came along. But now relationships through social networking is quickly catching up behind the biggest game in town.

Facebook Versus Google

Facebook a threat to Google?

It’s not a wrestling match

Just recently Facebook has toppled Google as the most visited site in some countries. At long last, a contender has emerged to show that there is something else to do in the internet than just search. There are statistical charts found in Mashable to back up this fact. Facebook is starting to up it’s game and it has shown Google that it’s not a monopoly when it comes to hits.

But if you ask me, even if Facebook gets more hits than Google, when it comes to functionality – there is no competition. Facebook is limited only to it’s database and networks while Google is not. Google embraces the whole web. Question is: Will there come a time that Facebook will be used more than all other websites in the internet combined?

If you ask me, my answer is NO – but that’s just my two cents since I’m not a modern-age internet Nostradamus.

But there may come a time that it could happen because of Facebook’s huge attempt in collecting data for it’s own use through it’s new ‘Like’ button. Facebook is taking the internet’s Web 2.0 capability into a whole new different level.

Competition is inevitable

In fact, Facebook is already a threat to Google when it comes to advertising. Because it arguably receives more hits than any other site in the world today, it is one of the best places to advertise a product, service or idea. And since you can easily set your target market/customers because of the data that Facebook has gathered from them, it’s easily a hard-hitting competitor for Google – which relies on search data for it’s target market.

That’s only one of the already obvious facts on how Facebook is a threat to Google when it comes to internet domination. Even so, if you ask me, search will still be one of the most competitive and dominating activities in the internet in the years to come (say, 10-20 years?) so I’m putting my money on search that’s for sure.

For us SEO practitioners and specialists, all we have to do is ride on Facebook and Google in whatever way we can. Since as an SEO, our primary and foundational task is internet marketing, we have to use whatever means possible to market our product, idea or service with the ‘big guns’ of the internet. So even if Facebook topples Google, we needn’t worry – remember, the best Social Network Marketers and Analysts are SEO’s too!

Tips for Keeps: Ride the waves – study up on the new SEO practices in Google and Facebook whether it’s black-hat or white-hat. Then flux it out to a mix that you can use for your clients/ business.

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