Google AdWords Upgrades Dynamic Search Ads

Google AdWords Upgrades Dynamic Search Ads

Google AdWords has recently made a number of improvements to Dynamic Search Ads which they claim to make the service better and more effective than ever. Here’s what you need to know:

More Control

Page Feeds essentially allows advertisers to dictate precise URLs for use with Dynamic Search Ads. What this does is that it helps Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns directly control the service to only show products and services that are relevant to each customer.

Google takes advantage of this service by allowing advertisers to provide them a direct feed of what the advertiser wants to promote as well as direct links to the relevant landing pages. After this process, Dynamic Search Ads will from then on create ads solely based on the URLs that was provided to them by the advertiser so long as the advertiser sets their campaign to “Use URLs from my page feed only.”

Google has a guide to creating Page Feeds along with the corresponding info that you made need.

Dynamic Search Ads Better Than Ever

According to Google, Dynamic Search Ad Campaigns will finally be able to support or accommodate “expanded text” ads which basically means advertisers can now input lengthier headlines and descriptions for whatever service or product that they wish to advertise.

Google has made it clear that this update will be made available to the general public sometime this month.

Relevant Ads Now The Status Quo

According to Google, they are improving the efficiency as well as the impact of their Dynamic Search Ads Campaign by directly showing relevant content to the users. According to Google, Advertisers, as well as Content Creators, are noting an increase in their conversion rate because of these updates.

Key Takeaway

Google’s recent changes have been nothing but beneficial to searchers and content creators alike. They are continuing the trend of making Google better both aesthetically and technically speaking. Google aspires to perform better every day and this is evident in their almost daily updates to their algorithm. The challenge now is keeping up with Google’s changes.

As someone who spends his free time writing and reading (sometimes I do both at the same time,) it is a challenge to keep up with Google’s changes. You have to take note of everything as well as make sure that your website conforms to Google’s standards. You also have to manage and maintain your relationship with your readers as well as keep them entertained or wanting for more. There are many factors that contribute to a website’s ‘success’ but the best and most effective one is of course hard work.

The only reason I’m writing this article is to inform everyone of what’s going to be happening with Google’s AdWords. I believe that everyone should stay up-to-date, especially with matters pertaining to Google. Despite it all, I’m still a fan of good old-fashioned SEO and making websites rank the Google way.

My advice for both beginners as well as veterans alike is that you should never be satisfied with your website, both aesthetically as well as performance-wise. There’s always something that you can improve. It can be your content itself or your Robots.txt file for all we know. The only constant with SEO is that you either adapt or die.

What are your thoughts on AdWords’ changes? Do you like them? Do you have any experience with them? Let’s talk about it in the comments section below!

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